NetFlix for Android TV

NetFlix For Android TV

Normally, now the smartphone has become a must have device for all of us. The smart phones with lots of new and amazing features are there with all of us. Think! How will you feel if you own an android mobile which will be with the feature that helps you to watch movies, TV series or documentaries when you are free? Assume that every day you will have a long journey from home to your workplace on a train. How are you going to spend the time? Think, is it a good way to spend the time by watching a film when you feel bored? Definitely the answer will be yes. In today’s society most of us have naturally become very busy except few. So we don’t have time to watch a movie. Now with this technology of mobile phones with NETFLIX Apk will help you to solve the above problem. You will be able to watch anything that you love through this marvellous app without being waiting to go home. You can relish anything, at anywhere when you need at any time.

NetFlix TV Install

It is a subscription service provided for you to stream movies, TV series, and documentaries that are produced all over the world.

Is it free? 

No you have to pay a monthly subscription for the service. But if you are a beginner to this app a free trial period of one month will be provided and if the app doesn’t fix to you, can unsubscribe the service before money is deducted from your account.

The app is updated frequently providing you with continuously great experience of high quality pieces of work. Now people over 190 countries are using interesting apps and over 150 million of subscribers are there. Choosing Netflix is a wise idea for you also as a streaming service. As this is a paid service there will be no ads visible to you while watching.

One more key point is the app is very simple and easy to understand even. Moreover the app will allow you to download your selections and provide an opportunity for you to watch them offline. It is a great positive for me and I think for you also it is the same. And also you can choose the package or the needed subscription service according to your wish from the basic, standard and premium where the costs and the features will be enhanced respectively from basic to the premium version. But I think the cost is quite fair with the features as well.

But there is a small problem that I am facing with this. But it is not a problem for all. I think the content of the app is quietly varying with the location. If you are in the USA I am sure that you are having a great experience with this app than me. But still I love this app and I hope that you also will love it.

NetFlix Android TV Download Now

Download and install NetFlix for Android TV support all most all Android TV boxes including Nvidia Shield TV, Mi Box S, SkyStream, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV cube and etc. You can easily download and install from Filelinked. Filelinked contain filelinked stores. In website you can find all latest and popular Filelinked codes that contain Filelinked code for Netflix and installation guide.

Filelinked installation in Firestick – Quick Guide

Why Filelinked and it is more suitable for firestick. There are several reasons for that. Amazon App Store does not have many awesome free Movies and TV shows apps. Only way to find those apps are using google. You know that surfing web using your Android TV is a pain. Because typing those URLs and navigate to download button is much more difficult. 

That’s why people keep attracting Filelinked. Because this app can download and install Android apps or APKs very easily. There are lots of Filelinked Stores out there with popular streaming apps. Using those codes you can setup your firestick easily without typing any URLs.

How to install Filelinked app on Amazon Fire devices (Firestick, firetv, firetv cube, firestick 4k)

  1. Go to the menu and click on Settings
  2. Select My Fire TV or Device
  3. Click “Developer Options”
  4. Select “Turn On”
  5. Go back to the Home Screen and click “Search”
  6. Type “Downloader”, search for downloader at the bottom of the page and select “Downloader”
  7. Click on “Downloader App”
  8. Select “Download”
  9. Click “Open”
  10. Select “Allow”
  11. Click on “Ok”
  12. Go to the address bar and type in
  13. Click “Go”
  14. Select “Install”
  15. Click “Done”
  16. At this point, the screen should return to “Downloader” so you can click on this option to remove the file completely
  17. Select “Delete”
  18. Go back to Fire TV home screen and go to “Your Apps and Games”
  19. Scroll to the right and select “See All”
  20. Navigate to the FileLinked icon
  21. Select “Options”
  22. Click “Move to Front”

Filelinked App

This app was previously known as DroidAdmin. If you encounter that name, remember DroidAdmin was also called to filelinked. Filelinked is the newer version of DroidAdmin.