Sweet Selfie Camera app

Sweet Selfie: Camera & Editor

Social media and the smartphone have now become the crucial part in each and every one’s lives. Capturing the perfect selfie and posting it on the social media platform is an art that every one loves. But capturing the most outstanding selfie is possible only with a perfect and a professional selfie camera app. Here is the answer. Sweet Selfie: Camera & Editor. One of the best selfie cameras to have right on your fingertips. 

What is Sweet Selfie: Camera & Editor?

Simply Sweet Selfie: Camera & Editor is a wonderful camera app that makes your selfie capturing experience more fun and easier. It indeed is a user-friendly app helping to capture the best selfies like never before. Not only capturing outstanding images but Sweet Selfie camera app is known for its incredible editing and photo enhancing options. So, if you also like to capture the most perfect shots and edit them in an extraordinary way, then try this wonderful app Sweet Selfie.

Features of Sweet Selfie: Camera & Editor

1.     Real-Time Filters

Sweet Selfie provides a wide array of real-time filters that you can apply while taking a selfie. From classic black and white to vibrant vintage, these filters add an instant touch of style to your photos.

2.     Beauty Mode

Say good bye to blemishes and imperfections with the Beauty Mode feature. This tool automatically smoothens your skin, removes wrinkles, and enhances your facial features, giving you a flawless look in every selfie.

3.     Collage Maker

Tired of sharing just one selfie? Sweet Selfie offers a collage maker that allows you to combine multiple photos into a single, stylish collage. Showcase different angles or moments in one shareable image.

4.     Background Blur

This feature ensures that you remain the focal point of the photo, while the background charmingly blurs, making your selfies stand out.

5.     Sticker and Emoji Fun

Add a touch of fun and personality to your selfies with an extensive collection of stickers and emojis. Whether it’s a quirky hat, heart eyes, or a funny caption, Sweet Selfie provides a range of options to express yourself.

6.     Easy-to-Use Editing Tools

Sweet Selfie includes user-friendly editing tools that allow you to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, and more. This allows you to crop and rotate your photos effortlessly to achieve the perfect composition.

7.     Share with Ease

Once you have captured and edited your perfect selfie, Sweet Selfie makes sharing a breeze. You can post your content directly to your favorite social media platforms or else you can save the image to your device for later use. So, the next time you’re in the mood for a selfie, give Sweet Selfie: Camera & Editor a try. Unleash your creativity, capture those picture-perfect moments, and let Sweet Selfie turn your ordinary selfies into extraordinary memories.

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Aquarium Relax

Aquarium Relax TV App

At present where technology is everything, finding moments of calmness can be a challenge. Enter Aquarium Relax, the android TV and Fire TV app that takes you to the mesmerizing world of underwater beauty and serenity. With its stunning visuals and soothing sounds, this app offers a unique and immersive relaxation experience right from the comfort of your living room.

What is Aquarium Relax for Android and Fire TV?

Modern life often let us to meet with noise and stress. In such a scenario, Aquarium Relax emerges as a breath of fresh air – or rather, a dive into a peaceful aquatic environment. The app is the best to those seeking interval from the chaos, allowing them to immerse themselves in the calming and enchanting atmosphere of underwater life.

Aquarium Relax takes you on a virtual journey to the depths of the ocean, providing a window into the charming world of marine ecosystems. By recreating the beauty of underwater environments on your android TV screen, this app offers a unique way to unwind, destress, and reconnect with nature.

Features of Aquarium Relax

Attractive Visuals

Aquarium Relax claims an impressive array of high-definition video footage capturing the lively colours and beautiful movements of marine life. From colourful coral reefs to schools of tropical fish, every frame is a work of art that invites you to explore the wonders of the deep blue sea.

Calming Soundscape

To complement the visuals, Aquarium Relax offers a collection of calm and immersive soundscapes. The gentle gurgling of water, the distant swaying of aquatic plants, and the peaceful symphony of underwater life combine to create an auditory retreat that takes you to the heart of the ocean.

Customization Options

The app allows you to tailor your relaxation experience according to your preferences. Whether you want to focus on a specific underwater habitat or prefer a variety of scenes, Aquarium Relax offers options to curate your own underwater journey.

Winding Feature

With the looping functionality, you can extend your relaxation session without interruption. Immerse yourself in the calming world of the aquarium for as long as you desire, allowing stress to melt away and calmness to take its place.

Background Atmosphere

Aquarium Relax serves as more than just a relaxation tool; it can also enhance your living space. Transform your TV screen into a dynamic piece of art, infusing your room with the relaxing feel of an aquarium.

Whether you’re seeking a way to unwind after a long day, create a peaceful atmosphere in your home, or simply marvel at the beauty of aquatic life, Aquarium Relax has something to offer. Dive in to the deep ocean and experience its amazement with this nice and cool app. Free install on your Android TV using Applinked. First download Applinked and install. Then use Applinked stores to install awesome apps like this for free.




Browser TV Web - BrowseHere

Browser TV Web – BrowseHere

Now a days where technology is everything having a smooth browsing experience on your television has become a necessity. There are plenty of such apps you can use on your Android TV devices. Browser TV Web – BrowseHere steps into the spotlight as a finely crafted and user-friendly web browser designed specifically for TCL Android TV, Android TV boxes, and Android Set-top Boxes.

What is Browser TV Web – BrowseHere?

Browser TV Web – BrowseHere is a standout web browser accurately personalised for the large screens of Android TV devices. This dynamic app revolutionizes the way you interact with the web on your TV by combining ease of use, powerful features, and a clean user interface. Beyond its ad-block capabilities, this browser empowers you to stream movies, TV shows, anime, videos, and more without the annoying interruption of ads.

Features of Browser TV Web – BrowseHere

Web Video Player

Focus into the world of online videos with the convenience of remote-friendly features such as bookmarks and subtitles. Say goodbye to the challenges of navigating videos on a large screen; the built-in video player ensures a plane playback experience.

Voice Input

Tired of typing with your remote? Embrace voice input to search in any language effortlessly. BrowseHere supports a wide range of languages, allowing you to search for content using your voice commands.

Integrated IPTV Player

Elevate your TV entertainment by watching live TV channels from your IPTV provider. It’s important to note that BrowseHere doesn’t provide TV sources; you need to add a playlist from your IPTV provider to access live TV channels.

Efficient Ad Blocker

Bid farewell to disturbing and troublesome ads with BrowseHere’s efficient ad-blocking technology. From pop-ups to video and banner ads, this app ensures a cleaner and more focused browsing experience.

Free Movies & Anime

Access a huge collection of free content from the web, right from your TV’s home page. Discover a variety of movies and anime without the hassle of searching.

Trending Content

Stay updated with the latest trends through the app’s curated feed of trending searches and breaking news articles from around the world.

Bookmarks & History

Enjoy quick access to your favourite websites through the bookmark feature. Plus, the history list saves you time when revisiting previously browsed content.

Privacy Protection

Rest assured that your privacy is respected. BrowseHere doesn’t collect or share user information like location or cookies.

Browser TV Web – BrowseHere has redefined TV browsing, offering a seamless and engaging experience on Android TV devices. With its comprehensive suite of features, including a user-friendly interface, ad-blocking capabilities, integrated IPTV player, and voice search functionality, this app transforms your TV into a hub of digital exploration. Whether you’re streaming movies, watching live TV, or searching the web, BrowseHere empowers you to navigate the digital realm effortlessly from the comfort of your couch.

You can install this web browsing application on your TV using default app store or using third-party app stores like Applinked app. Applinked is the easiest way to sideload apk files if you are unable to install this app using play store.



OtherWorld Legends Game

OtherWorld Legends Android Game

Otherworld Legends is an extraordinary Android game developed by ChillyRoom. This action-packed game combines the best of pixel-art graphics, exciting gameplay, and characters to create an unforgettable gaming experience.

Features of OtherWorld Legends Android Game

Unravel the Enigmatic World

Step into a universe unlike any other, where ancient spirits and legendary beasts coexist with courageous heroes. “Otherworld Legends” has a unforgettable storyline that keep player coming back. With every level, you’ll discover new secrets, confront formidable bosses, and unlock the hidden potential of each character.

Engaging Gameplay Mechanics

The core of “Otherworld Legends” lies in its gameplay mechanics. It offers players the chance to choose from a diverse cast of characters, each with unique abilities and skills. Master the art of combat as you engage in fast-paced, action-packed battles against hordes of foes. Employ tactical maneuvers, perform devastating combos, and harness the power of ancient artifacts to emerge victorious.

Pixel Art Mastery

ChillyRoom has poured meticulous effort into crafting a visually stunning world, reminiscent of classic games. The rich, vibrant colors and meticulously designed sprites bring the game’s characters and environments to life, creating an aesthetically pleasing experience.

Character Progression and Customization

You’ll be rewarded with experience points and resources to level up your heroes as you keep playing this game. Each character possesses a skill tree that allows for deep customization, enabling players to mold their heroes to suit their playstyle. Unlock powerful abilities, upgrade gear, and create a personalized hero capable of facing any challenge.

Intuitive Controls

The game optimizes touchscreen controls, providing smooth navigation and responsive actions, ensuring an enjoyable experience for both seasoned players and newcomers to the genre.

Installing Otherworld Legends apk

You can install this game directly using Google play store. For devices without play store or google play services can use third-party app stores like AC Market. Below shows how to install this app using AC Market app store.

Step 1: Download AC Market

Step 2: Search for “Otherworld Legends”

Step 3: Install the Game

Step 4: Enable Installation from Unknown Sources (if necessary)

– If your device blocks installations from unknown sources, you may need to enable this option in your device settings before proceeding with the installation.

Step 5: Enjoy the Adventure!

– Once the installation is complete, you can launch “Otherworld Legends” and embark on your thrilling journey through the mythical realms.

JioSaavn, Music TV App, Podcasts TV App

JioSaavn – Music & Podcasts

JioSaavn has become a go-to platform for music lovers and podcast enthusiasts, offering a vast collection of audio content from around the globe for Android TV and Fire TV. With its seamless user experience and impressive features, JioSaavn has gained popularity among millions of users.

Features of JioSaavn TV app

Android TV and Fire TV version of this app is same as the Android phone. Most of the differences appear on interface. Full designed and developed to work smoothly on bigger screens with TV remote. Below listed some of the notable features of this TV music App.

Extensive Music Library

JioSaavn has an extensive music library comprising millions of songs across various genres, languages, and moods. From the latest chart-toppers to golden classics, JioSaavn ensures that there’s something for everyone. Discover your favorite tracks, explore curated playlists, and indulge in a diverse collection of music that suits your taste and mood.

Personalized Recommendations

One of the standout features of JioSaavn is its ability to provide personalized recommendations. Using advanced algorithms, JioSaavn analyzes your listening habits, liked songs, and playlists to curate customized recommendations. The app learns your preferences over time, ensuring that you always have access to music that resonates with you, making each listening session a delight.

High-Quality Audio Streaming

JioSaavn takes audio quality seriously, offering high-quality streaming options to enhance your listening experience. Choose from a range of audio settings, including Standard, High, and Lossless quality, depending on your internet connection and personal preferences. Immerse yourself in crystal-clear sound and enjoy your favorite music tracks in the best possible audio fidelity.

Podcasts for Every Interest

Provides a diverse collection of podcasts covering various topics and genres. Explore captivating storytelling, informative discussions, true crime, news, and much more. From international podcasts to regional shows, JioSaavn caters to a wide range of interests, allowing you to stay informed, entertained, and engaged.

Offline Listening

JioSaavn understands that internet connectivity may not always be available. To overcome this, the app offers offline listening, allowing you to download your favorite songs and podcasts to enjoy them anytime, anywhere, even without an active internet connection. Simply download your preferred content and access it offline, ensuring uninterrupted entertainment on the go.


JioSaavn – Music & Podcasts stands out as a feature-rich platform that brings music and podcasts to your fingertips. With its extensive music library, personalized recommendations, high-quality audio streaming, diverse podcast collection, and offline listening capabilities, JioSaavn offers an immersive audio streaming experience like no other. Explore the world of music and podcasts with JioSaavn and elevate your listening journey to new heights.

You can download and install this app using play store for Android TV and App store for Fire TV devices. If not you can use third-party TV app installers like Aptoide TV. Aptoide TV has all most all the Fire TV apps and Play Store apps. Download Aptoide TV for your TV now.

Stories world Urban City Game

Stories World Urban City game

The smartphone app called Stories World Urban City was created by the Japanese video game production company SUBARA. The application is a simulation game that lets users create and run their own city and live the life of a mayor. Downloads of Stories World Urban City are available on both Google play store and Happymod. Players inherit a small plot of land and a few buildings at the beginning of the game, and their objective is to expand and prosper the city. To meet the needs of the expanding population, players must manage the city’s budget, entice new residents, and construct new structures. The app is also updated on a regular basis to enhance app performance as well as user experience.

Features of Stories world urban city game

The distinctive plot of Stories World Urban City is one of its most notable aspects. The game is intended to serve as a platform for storytelling where users may write and share their own tales. Players will come across a number of people as they advance through the game, each with their own distinct backstories and stories. The narrative component of the game gives it depth and authenticity, giving it the appearance of being set in a real city with real people. The visuals of the game are also outstanding. The city is depicted in 3D, and the intricately detailed buildings and surroundings give it a living, breathing atmosphere. Since the game’s user interface is clear and simple to use, players of all skill levels can enjoy it. More features can also be accessed through in app purchases and payments.


There are various gameplay types in Stories World Urban City. The main feature is the story mode, where players advance through a number of levels with different obstacles and goals in each one. The goal of the story mode is to teach players the fundamentals of the game and give them a sense of how the city operates. In the game’s sandbox mode, players can create and run their city with no restrictions. This mode is ideal for those who want to test out various tactics or who just want to unwind and construct their ideal metropolis. Players can compete online with other players in the game’s multiplayer mode. By completing tasks and reaching goals, players can gain rewards and move up the rankings. Players can add unique structures and fun decorations to their cities using the game’s extensive customization capabilities. By passing tasks or earning in-game money, players can enhance their structures and unlock new features.


In summary, Stories World Urban City is an excellent simulation game that provides a distinctive storytelling experience. The game distinguishes itself from other simulation games on the market with its blend of city-building and storytelling, rich 3D graphics, and user-friendly interface. SUBARA did a fantastic job of producing a game with fun gameplay, realistic graphics, and an interesting plot. Fans of the simulation genre ought to explore Stories World Urban City.

Snap Camera Apk

Snap Camera HDR App

It’s more crucial than ever to take beautiful, high-quality images in the era of social media and smartphone photography. Finding the best camera app that produces outstanding results can be difficult given the abundance of camera applications available across multiple platforms. But for those who are serious about improving their photos, the Snap Camera HDR app designed by Marginz Software stands out as a top option. The app is equipped with a wide variety of special features and functions that enhances user experience further.

Features of Snap Camera App

Users of the feature-rich camera app Snap Camera can easily take beautiful High Dynamic Range (HDR) pictures. In HDR photography, numerous exposures of the same scene are combined to produce a picture with a wider dynamic range, producing images that are more detailed and aesthetically pleasing. Users of Snap Camera HDR can take images with vivid colors, fine details, and a variety of tones, producing photos of a high caliber that stand out.

Users can add a variety of real-time filters and effects to their photographs while they are being taken with Snap Camera HDR. Users may add artistic and creative touches to their photos using these filters and effects, improving the visual appeal and producing one-of-a-kind, attention-grabbing images. Users can explore a variety of options to show their originality and flair in their images, ranging from retro and vintage filters to dramatic black and white effects.

Users can easily navigate and utilize the app’s functions thanks to Snap Camera HDR’s intuitive and user-friendly layout. The application has a simple, minimalistic appearance, and the camera interface makes it simple to access the app’s features and settings. Both amateur and professional photographers can use it because of its user-friendly design, which prevents users from becoming distracted by confusing menus or settings.

Users of the Snap Camera HDR app can take high-resolution pictures, guaranteeing the best possible quality for their pictures. The app is perfect for those who wish to take detailed, high-quality images for printing or sharing on social media because it supports resolutions up to 32 megapixels. Photos that are outstanding and aesthetically pleasing and stand out in terms of clarity and detail are produced by the combination of the app’s HDR photography functionality and high-resolution image capture.

Users’ photography experiences are significantly impacted by Snap Camera HDR. The software gives users access to sophisticated camera controls, in-app filters, and high-resolution image capture, enabling them to take photos of an exceptionally high caliber and level of inventiveness. Through the features of the app, users may express their artistic vision and style, producing visually appealing photographs that stand out in the cutthroat field of smartphone photography. The user-friendly interface of the app further improves the whole photographic experience by making it accessible and pleasant for both inexperienced and seasoned photographers.


The advanced and feature-rich camera app Snap Camera HDR raises users’ photography game. Download the Snap Camera HDR application to improve your photography skills and take breath-taking pictures. There are many free alternatives to Snap Camera app. YouCam Perfect, Candy Cam and B612 are some examples. Camera apps like b612 provide better filters, effects and editing tools than this camera app for free. Try today for free.

Fawesome TV app

Fawesome TV app

The Fawesome TV app is a unique must have application that allows users watch or stream free tv shows and movies on any smartphone available to you. The app provides a wide variety of content, including new releases and old favourites. The app’s unique interface enables users to easily access the content and watch anything by just searching a movie title in the search box. In addition, the attractive and simple layout of the Fawesome application highly appeals to the users and becomes a contributing factor is increasing traffic to the application

How the Fawesome TV app works

The Fawesome TV app offers its users a large selection of new releases available for streaming or download, including blockbusters and indie favourites. The app’s material is frequently updated, ensuring that users always have access to the most recent movies and television shows. Users can watch popular tv shows, old movie classics, action movies, romantic comedies, horror movies, thriller shows and many more. All one has to do is to type in the search box and select the option you want and start streaming till your hearts content

Users no longer have to wait for their DVDs to arrive in the mail or go and do a visit to the store; they can watch their favourite titles whenever and wherever they want at their convenience. Users have the opportunity to choose whether to stream or download their favourite movies and TV shows using the Fawesome TV app.

Users with limited data plans or who want to watch without using up any of their mobile data will benefit from the streaming option more. Users have the option to begin watching then and there itself because streaming will only take a few minutes. If users want to download their selected movie or show, that function is also provided by the Fawesome TV app, making it a truly remarkable piece of technology to have.

Through the simple yet powerful search function option, users do not have to scroll for endless hours trying to find the show or movie they want, they can simply insert the title of the tv show and movie and click select and enjoy. The vast variety of categories the Fawesome TV app offers ranging from classical genres to indie movies provide users with the best selection to watch and stream. Further more users can find hidden gems within the app selections and discover their favourite new tv shows and movies of all time at the convenience of one single tap on the screen.

Install Fawesome TV app

The Fawesome TV app offers a very unique and effective experience for users and provides access to a global library of the best streaming tv shows and movies across genres and countries. Its easy-to-use interface and appealing layout further make the application stand out from its competitors. More than thousands of users have downloaded the app and are acting as current users. You can download this app using Applinked, Filesynced, Unlinked like app stores. If not, you can use play store TV or Aptoide TV app stores. Applinked apk and Filesynced apk allow users to sideload downloaded apk files to your TV easily.

Fitpro App

Fitpro App

The Fitpro app was designed by the Shenzhen Jusheng Intelligent Technology company with the hopes of making fitness fun, simple and effective at the same time. The app was initially released in March 2019, and became an instant hit with users. It has been downloaded more than millions of times across platforms and currently has active users at all times. Through utilizing the application users will be exposed to effective and convenient ways to get healthy. Through the app’s one-of-a-kind smart software users are able to reach their fitness goals faster than using any other apps or gadgets.

Purpose and Features

The Fitpro app makes fitness and exercise fun for its users and keeps track of the data in your device. With this application you can track your steps, check the distance you’ve travelled, the amount of sleep you’ve gotten, the number of calories burned, check your heart rate, blood pressure rate and many more. After completing an exercise session, the app records and presents basic details as the steps count, heart rate and calories which you have burned and the distance.

If a more extensive breakdown is needed, by tapping the additional data option this information can be accessed. The special features included in the application as the step goal option sets personal challenges for its users and encourages and motivates users to be healthy. The inactivity alert system serves similar purpose as it alerts the users if they had gone sometime without being active and notifies them with their usual activities and personal fitness goals.

Fitness apps like need to be run smoothly and faster to provide real time data. But most low-end and older Android phones does not able to provide enough performance to keep this app running on smooth manner. You can use performance booster applications like Clean Master, AVG Cleaner or NOX Cleaner. Apps like Clean Master apk and NOX Cleaner apk can boost performance quickly to run current application at max speed.

On a day-to-day basis the data retrieved is collected and analyzed in order to assist better in future fitness related activities. The Fitpro app’s generation of detailed reports outlining the user’s health, goals and data collected makes the users health journey more convenient and effective. With this user-friendly approach it allows the users to improve existing health habits and to form new one in the future that suit them better.

The Fitpro app can be easily accessed through Bluetooth and can be connected to smart watches and smart bracelets. By connecting it with your device all the data collected can be transferred to your device and can be easily tracked. Another special feature which can be accessed is the option to play music through your fitness session which makes exercising more fun and enjoyable. While monitoring your health and fitness users can listen to their favorite playlists and finish the set feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Download Fitpro Apk

The Fitpro app is a great way of making fitness more fun and entertaining. The tracker options and the detailed reports help users in monitoring their daily habits and health rates. The app is made available to be downloaded through the Google Play Store, AC Market app store and Happymod. All one has to do is to install the app and log in and begin your fitness journey with the Fitpro app with one simple tap on the screen. Choose your favorite App store from AC Market, Happymod and play store. Go to search and type “fitpro”. You will see this application on search results. Select and install.

FlipaClip APK Download

FlipaClip APK Download | Best free 2D animation and Cartoon creator for Android, iOS, PC

What do you do in your leisure time or as your hobby? What do you love to do most? Some answers to these couple of questions are very common. Some say that they like to collect stamps as their hobby. Some say that they would travel in their leisure time. Some say that they love to sing or dance or play. The mobile app I’m going to introduce you today is very important to a person who love to draw in their leisure time, as their hobby, or as the work they love to do the most.

What is FlipaClip?

FlipaClip apk is one of the best-known applications for creating stories. This app is one of the famous story creating apps in the app market. This could also be named an animation tool that plays an important role in making animation and creating cartoons. FlipaClip can be introduced as a highly recommended anime creating an application to create anime movies, sketching, animating, story boarding, and also creating cartoon characters. I doubtlessly assure you that FlipaClip is the perfect app if you are willing to do anime creating subjects.

Features of FlipaClip

FlipaClip APK Download

FlipaClip offers many functions, features and changes to its users to help them fulfill their drawing tasks. It includes a variety of tools in order to increase the quality of the finished item.

This app supports the person to love his talent harder.

FlipaClip introduces a wide range of drawing tools such as brushes, filling items, erasers, rulers, different shapes, lasso, a wide range of fonts, and the text inserting functions.

The user can customize the canvas size according to the drawing he or she is going to draw. If it is quite considerable, the user can select a canvas in a bigger size.

FlipaClip is way more compatible with the Stylus Pens. Thus, the user can use the Samsung S Pen or Sonar Pen if it is difficult to draw using their fingers.

You can add up to three layers and draw your design in three layers. If you feel like you need more layers, you can subscribe to the FlipaClip premium version where it helps you to draw your drawing in 10 layers.

There are various video animating tools in the app where you can animate your video frame by frame. There are specific tools to fulfill these needs, such as Onion Skin animating tool, Animation Frame viewer, and many more. These two are the most popular tools among many.

Yet another facility FlipaClip provides its users are the facility in creating videos with the audio facility. The user gets the chance to create, edit, and add audio clips to the anime video they create. They can add audio clips up to six free audio tracks.

 You can even record your voice and add them to the characters you draw and make dialogues. Thus it will exactly be as a professional anime cartoon.

The user will be able to import audio files cost effectively and use them in the anime videos they create.

Moreover, FlipaClip also helps to create animated photos and videos. You can draw different cartoon characters as much as you like. You can even create anime videos using such characters. With its audio facility, you can even give voice to the characters you create.

FlipaClip also allows you to share your content with friends, family, and loved ones. Since this app supports any social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, and Tumblr, the creators can share their amazing anime creations through these kinds of social media platforms. You can share both image and video content through any of these platforms.

With FlipaClip latest updates, the app has allowed its users to share their contents directly on TikTok. Furthermore, it has fixed many playback issues. It helps the users play audios and add audios to their contents easily.


FlipaClip can be called a relevant app for the people who love doing animating. This app can also call as a relaxing method since it helps the person draw according to their creativity. The app is specially used by professional cartoon makers, anime creators, and drawing lovers. FlipaClip is a compatible application with any device platform such as Android, IOS, PCs, and Laptops. Thus, using any device, the user can create designs in their way.


Is FlipaClip a paid App?

No, FlipaClip is an almost free application. You can download it through its official website. If you need more layers to the drawing you make, you should subscribe to its premium version, which costs only $15.

Can I install the FlipaClip application on my PC?

FlipaClip is a compatible application with any device platform such as Android, IOS, PCs, and Laptops. Thus, using any device, the user can create designs in their way.