Clean master for PC

Are you searching for an app that will help you to clean and optimize your PC? Here is the best solution. What is that?? Sure you may have heard about this app, because the android version of this app is pretty famous among the android users. Yes it is Clean Master apk. Now for your pleasure there is a version for your PC also.

Free or Paid

 No worries it has two versions for the app. One is the free version and the other is the professional version that you need to pay and buy. But the free version also pretty good enough for you to maintain your PC in a better condition by removing the rubbish from you PC and by allowing it to function optimally.

Key features

  • The Clean Master for PC will recommend to delete or remove unwanted files including junk, cache files, cookies, rarely used audio, video by scanning your device and ask your opinion on the selected files and once you choose the app will delete them for within few seconds.
  • In addition it helps to secure your privacy when you are browsing by blocking access which are unnecessary and also by erasing the browsing history.
  • Furthermore this helps you to boost up your device. Once you remove unwanted files from the device and clean it automatically the PC will boost up. Moreover the app will stop the functioning of the annoying processes that will perform at the start. Sometimes many apps will start to function at the same time by slowing down your PC. Clean Master for PC will answer all those annoying problems that you will face. All these will help to boost up the PC.

User- friendly

Clean Master though it is the android version or the PC version it is very easy to understand even by a beginner to the app. The app is user- friendly and the interface is very simple. And one more thing for any process we have to click the respective button only once or twice and also it perform very rapidly.  In maximum one minute will be taken. But most of the time it takes only few seconds. You only have to select the needed action the rest will be done by the app.

If you have Android TV you can install clean master on Android TV and speed up your Android TV for free. You can easily download and install latest version of Android TV apps using Filelinked.