Cashmere Goat

Cashmere Goat

Cashmere goat is a goat type in goat farming. It is not a breed. Produces cashmere wool.  They are very fine, crimpy down, soft, warm, elegant and costly. Also has straight, longer and coarse guard hairs on the outside. Full grown adult produces 2.5 pounds of fleece once a year.

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Some key qualities of cashmere goat.


50% on the fiber or coat and 50% on body conformation is considered at the production. Cover and consistency are the most important qualities of cashmere coat.


When evaluating their cover, complete and consistent are considered. Completely covered in soft down is called as complete. When all the harvest fibers are with same style and quality, it is known as consistent.


It also very important as the cover. Best conformation includes several qualities. They are strong and well-muscled forequarters, beautiful hands and head, a well sprung ribcage, similar appearance in back and hind legs and so on.

Height and weight

There are no requirement of height or weight of these goats.

Other breed specific standards


This type of goats can have wattles and cause a problem when shear them. Wattles doesn’t disqualify them from registration.

Typical Characteristics

Fiber production

Normally fiber production of this goats is 20% of total coat. It can be varying with age and genetics of the animal and time of the year

Meat production

Cashmere goats are mostly crossed with Spanish goats (meat goat). According to the amount of Spanish goat in the bloodline’s meat amount can be vary. Also, Nubian and Pygmy like meaty breeds are crossed. Availability is corresponding to the amount of meat. Cashmere goats provide delicious meat for the market due to inferior coats.

To know the meat production the best method is line and herd’s meat to born ratio.


Cashmere goats have warm coats and they are very hardy animals.


This is depending on their lineage. When these goats are domesticated, they are gentle and friendly. But the goats in Australia and New Zealand have wild personalities.


Maturity: Reproductive age of cashmere goat is about 6-9 months. But around 4 months of age also can give birth.

Mating season: Normally most goats are seasonal breeders. Cycle of the cashmere doe is 18-21 days during the time. According to the mating meat breed mating season can be change.

Kids: The gestation period is about 5 months. Mother goat can give birth to 1-3 kids once a time. They should protect from cold and damp weather.

Caring for cashmere goat

Feeding and Nutritional needs

Cashmere goats need only basic requirements. Because of that intensive or rotational grazing system can use for them. Also, they need fresh water, minerals and quality hay. During the pregnancy period, they need grains to maintain body condition.

Housing and Fencing

To protect from predators and extreme weather, they need a draft-free shelter.

Health issues and care

The main health threat of these animals is parasites. Their immune system can be weak due to internal parasites. Ticks like external parasites damage to their fiber. Rotational grazing method and deworming schedule can use to control this threat.


Two methods for harvesting down fiber is combing and shearing once a year. After fiber growing is stopped and before shedding their winter coat combing should be done. Alone with this, hooves also must trim in every 4-6 weeks.


Training is important for handle cashmere goat for shearing.

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